“Its not every day I get asked to speak at a Nuclear Power Station but thats just what I will be doing on Monday 27th June when I am giving a motivational speech to 80 Team Leaders at the Magnox Wylfa power station on Anglesey.  They sound like an illuminating group!

A visit to the cinema to see The Kings Speech changed all that.

Terry said “I know a number of people with speech difficulties who have taken up public speaking as part of a process of managing their condition”. “I am very fortunate to have some public speaking ability and no impediment – the Kings Speech inspired me to carry on and enter the ASC’s 2011 national public speaking competition and I am delighted I did”. He added

Safe and Sound at Work- “Do Your Bit” campaign and training interventions.
I am writing to you in relation to HSE’s GB wide campaign to communicate the benefits of worker involvement in health and safety to organisations and in recognition of your significant contribution that has driven marketing and recruitment activities, despite this being a period of political change that has presented many new challenges to say the least.